About us

Learn about the project's history, meet the maintaining teams.

DaltonEmpire started out as DaltonShareWare, as small project started by Isaiah van Hunen, me. It was designed for reason much alike those for DaltonEmpire; to enable its users to share educational materials freely and easily. Back then, in the good old days, it simply contained a Download and Upload page. The most important ones, agreed, but it had few other functionalities. Though it was popular, the hosting was free and site overloads occurred systematically much to the inventor's horror.

Thus, DaltonEmpire was born. I recreated it from the top down, including a framework called Bootstrap, which about made my week if not his year. And even better, Matthijs Rog joined the team and offered to lend me his hosting. It was shortly hosted on www.projectomicron.nl but then migrated to this web address. The logo and name of DaltonEmpire are still not fully fixed, as I am not exceptionally content with it.
I started building more and more and even more extra functionalities which expanded the site considerably. Finally, I had to open it for class. The day before the test week I gave them access and... everything went all right. Keanu Linkers joined as bug-tester and Emmanuel Akhideno as moderator.
Here I am today, writing these words on a Sunday in August. Until here the history goes. Let's see what the future will bring.

For anyone interested, here is DaltonEmpire's full changelog. Also, here is DaltonEmpire's cookie policy.