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If visiting or using DaltonEmpire or any of its content, there are some rules you have to obey regarding the use of DaltonEmpire or any of its content.
These Terms & Conditions were last altered 10th of May, 2015.

  • "DaltonEmpire", "content" or "material" refers to this site and all the content available or once available on this site, no matter if distributed or gained by any other means. This includes DaltonEmpire's documents and its available material.
  • These Terms and Conditions are drawn up by DaltonEmpire and they are the only valid and applicable Terms and Conditions of DaltonEmpire.
  • DaltonEmpire cannot be held responsible for violation of our Terms and Conditions. These fall under the user's obligations upon using DaltonEmpire.
  • By visiting or using DaltonEmpire, one agrees to be subjected to the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document.
  • DaltonEmpire reserves the right to apply consequences, if violation of our Terms and Conditions should occur.
  • By visiting or using DaltonEmpire, one agrees that cookies may be placed on one's computer.
  • DaltonEmpire reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions in any situation at any time, without prior notification.
  • All DaltonEmpire content is to be used for legal educational purposes only.
  • It is forbidden to publish, copy, distribute or make content uploaded to DaltonEmpire available to a third party in any way. The only way one may refer to a document is by copying the share-link provided in the download pop-up.
  • It is forbidden to obtain, share, use DaltonEmpire's provided material, including downloaded documents, when the end person is not a registered non-banned DaltonEmpire user, as all content of DaltonEmpire may only be accessed by active DaltonEmpire users.
  • It is forbidden to allow published content to (partly) serve for commercial purposes.
    • Anyone who publishes on DaltonEmpire is allowed to sign his or her content with his or her name. Any non-commercial advertising is allowed if not obstructive.
    • As of paragraph "Content", this non-commercial advertising may not interfere with the educational purpose of any document published on DaltonEmpire.
  • DaltonEmpire does not allow the publishing of content of which the publishing user does not have the required rights. When a user publishes work obtained through a third party, the user is obliged to reference to such a third party and to be able to prove the third party's approval of the publication.
  • DaltonEmpire does not allow the publishing of content on DaltonEmpire which is to be considered racist, erotic, pornographic, or inappropriate by DaltonEmpire Staff.
  • When any user suspects a document to be in conflict with the restrictions listed above or the Terms and Conditions in general, he or she is to report immediately and notify DaltonEmpire staff.
  • DaltonEmpire preserves the right to reject content, for any reasons whatsoever.
  • Every user has the right to remove his or her published work as availability to other users. It will be kept in backup 4 days after deletion, unless the DaltonEmpire Staff decides it will be stored longer.
  • DaltonEmpire reserves the right to modify any user-submitted content or its settings when this is in conflict with our Terms and Conditions or when content does not meet the standards set by DaltonEmpire. The user will be notified.
  • DaltonEmpire is not in any way responsible for the quality of user-submitted content. As users preserve all rights after publication, it is the user who is responsible for the quality of the submitted content. DaltonEmpire does take the responsibility of content, though not its quality, as long as it is not in violation with our Terms and Conditions.
  • DaltonEmpire does not support cheating in any way. It is therefore not allowed to request or create content including but not limited to solution manuals, answers to exams, or instructor's manuals. Every school has its own policies concerning the spread of such documents, and it is the user's own responsibility to abide by these rules.
  • Any account is considered the property of DaltonEmpire, lend to a single user. DaltonEmpire does not allow multiple people to be using a single account. In such a case, all account users and its creator are in violation with these Terms and Conditions.
  • DaltonEmpire does not allow one user to be in the possession of multiple accounts.
  • DaltonEmpire stores data about its users but will only use this data when called upon for verification or in case of violation with these Terms and Conditions.
  • DaltonEmpire logs user activity concerning Dalton Empire. This will only be used for verification methods and if necessary for our system.
  • Any hacking attempts intended to disrupt user privacy, DaltonEmpire's stored content, DaltonEmpire's functionality or its trustworthiness are considered major offences and will have a consequence.